Looking for luxury bathroom tile ideas? Bathrooms tiles were all about function in the past, choosing tiles that will protect the floor, wall, bath and shower area. Now a days they play a huge part (if not the biggest part) in the overall feel and design of the bathroom. We know there are loads of luxury bathroom tile ideas out there and that’s why we’ve made it easy for you going through and curating the best 5 we feel deserve your time. 

Colour, colour, colour (and pattern too) the Confectionary luxury bathroom tiles are made by Mosaique Surface, a well known hand maker for luxury bathroom tiles, and the Confectionary is no exception. Made using natural marble stone – Stratus Pink (polished), Nero Panthera (polished), Bardiglio Medium (polished), Giallo Reale (polished), Bianca Carrera (polished), Oxford Beige (polished), Rosso Verona (polished) and Timber Brown (polished). These natural stones come together to make beautifully coloured and patterned bathroom tiles, suitable to be used as bathroom tile walls, shower tiles and bathroom floor tiles. 

Magnolia Buds, this we knew was a luxury bathroom tile at first sight and had to be in the list of best luxury bathroom tiles no matter what. Using mixed materials of Brass and Marble, the mosaic is able to create a luxury tile flower theme in the bathroom. Using Brass as the curvaceous stems of the flower buds really pushes the metal craftsmanship and design to a whole new level in tiles and mosaics.

The Moderna is a modern take on a classic timeless design. You can never go wrong with black and white, the simple pattern keep the tiles fresh and fun. It reminds us of Vogue and London when things were edgy but not trying to be, they just were; back in the days of e-type jaguars and classics we know today. 

It doesn’t end there, the Moderna is made using mother of pearl sea shell and marble to get the beautiful contrast right. The luxury materials don’t just make for these tiles a talking point (or a competition in luxury bathroom tile ideas) but composed together create a deep and harmonious contrast other materials just couldn’t replicate.

Welcome back Terrazzo, we’ve welcomed back the beautiful Terrazzo material and SOLO 5 tiles shows us just how beautiful the material is. SOLO 5 uses a simple design, showing off the material. Great for bathroom floor tiles as the material is so hardwearing and easy to clean. The best feature of this luxury bathroom tile – its available in 6 different Terrazzo colours. 

SOLO 6 tile was another which deserved its place at the luxury bathroom tile ideas table for one simple reason. Mosaique Surface, the manufacturer of SOLO 6, has embraced the philosophy of creativity. In there own words they say “Choose your favourite stone. Create your very own pattern. Personalise your space. Go Solo. The possibilities are endless…” offering limitless design capabilities to interior designers and private home renovators to create truly unique luxury bathroom tiles. 

There are a lot of luxury bathroom tiles and mosaics to choose from. Make sure you speak with your installers to make sure they’re confident with installation. Choose wisely, they may look expensive but a good tile / mosaic will last a lifetime and look as new as the day it was first installed or age along with the bathroom developing its own patina along with the other brassware in the bathroom.