Okay, Linda Clayton is a boss. We love her energy and passion in her writing, and her instagram bios are infectious. Seriously, we’ve made it a thing of following her posts, eagerly awaiting those bios. Linda is an Interior Journalist regularly writing for Real Homes, Livingetc and Homes & Gardens. We had the pleasure of interviewing Linda to find out a little more about the woman behind the name, and what that morning playlist looks like.

Okay, lay it on us, 3 songs your morning playlist must contain.

I can only cope with background music when I am writing so generally do old-person Spotify playlist searches like ‘laidback pop’. Boring I know, but anything that makes me want to sing along will make me lose the plot, literally, of a feature.

Okay, now pleasantries: tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I write about cushions and curtains from dawn ‘til dust. Actually it’s more like cookers and stopcocks (I specialise in kitchens and bathrooms) but you get the gist. More interestingly (for me), my husband is a cabinetmaker and we’re currently renovating our third home together, in Devon. I LOVE the design-plotting/shopping potential but HATE the physical pain of painting skirting boards until I want to stove my eyes in with the brush. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A journalist. True story. But in my head it was the Kate Adie, serious reportage type. I tried news reporting when I left Uni, and only lasted eight months. Door-stopping a family whose 13yo son had committed suicide was the straw that broke…

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? and the worst?

There’s more to life than houses (from the woman who we bought this house from. I think she was trying to excuse the state of the décor but it did make me realise we need to find time to live between the relentless DIY). The worst…that I should launch a glossy interiors mag with a fellow journalist. Bankruptcy aged 26 is a major buzzkill.  

What is your favourite creative outlet to get the juices flowing?

Where does all that great writing come from? I’m pretty Low Brow if I’m honest; I love RED mag, The Midult and any columnist with dry wit. Charlie Brooker has been a life-long muse.

Jump in the Tardis and fast forward 5 years – where are you and what are you up to?

Done with wallpaper stripping and sat on the beach with Nick and our two girls. Hopefully they’re not too unbearably tweeny by then.

Okay, true story, how long does it take you to write those Instagram bios?

Depends on how ranty I am feeling. If I’m on a properly narky roll, not long at all! 

What’s one thing other people may not know about you?

I have four piercings and a tattoo, but you will never, ever see the latter.

Are there any peers or creatives that you admire or draw inspiration from?

If I had even half of Barbara Chandlers’ energy or work output, I’d be a happy bunny indeed. She’s remarkable.

What are your main sources of inspiration? 

I get most of “my” best interiors ideas from the interior designers I interview every day. In fact I shamelessly plug them for free design advice when I am stuck. One day I’ll be sent a bill but until then, I’m rinsing them for every last tip.

Complete this sentance… Life is about…

Being happy. It’s far easier said than done but I am increasingly discovering the joy-making power of saying NO (thanks).