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Opus’ electric range can be fitted into any zone in the bathroom, above a bath or even next to a shower with an IP67 rating.

Electric Towel warmers can operate in locations without electricity such as boats and recreational vehicles via a 12V or 24V supply.

For mains connection they can be made for 220-230V European standard or 110V USA Standard.

Heat output can be controlled using a good quality light dimmer switch. We recommend that the cable is run to a fused spur and you can specify cable length to enable this.

At 20 degrees C ambient temperature the towel warmer rails operate at 55-60 degrees. Each meter of element consumes 27 watts. A typical element with a length of 3 meters draws less than .5 amps on a 240v supply.

Product is supplied with 3-meter power supply cable. Longer lengths can be custom ordered.

Heating elements conform to BSI standards.

Electric Dry Line Cables

Opus electrically heated towel rails will create an exceptional statement in your luxury bathroom. They come in a range of styles and are handcrafted in England.

Our low energy electric towel warmers use a dry line insulated waterproof element threaded through the towel warmer which exits through a mounting plate into the wall or floor for a completely concealed fitting.

Independent of heating systems they are flexible for use during summer months or on demand. The power supply is safely concealed and there are no dangling wires. Temperature can be controlled via customer’s own wall-mounted dimmer switch.

Opus electric range can be fitted into any zone in the bathroom, above a bath or even next to a shower with an IP67 rating.

Boats and recreational vehicles can benefit from the home comforts of a towel rail, as no mains electricity is needed for the 12V and 24V models.

Hot Water

Our hot water range features timeless designs complementing the classic towel rail style using ½ BSP tapping’s to allow a variety of valves to be used to create a matching set to adorn any bathroom.

Hot water from the heating system flows through the valves into the towel rails; heating controlled via thermostat crafted using high quality brass.

If you have specific valves you’d like to use, or you’d like to see our standard beautifully casted valves on a specific towel rail model, request a drawing and our technical sales team will create a drawing using your bespoke dimensions including valves. Email –

All valves are available in same finish as towel warmer.

Dual Fuel

Opus dual fuel electric towel rails are heated using an efficient & replaceable 100w thermostatic heating element, available in class 1 and 2 for appropriate use worldwide.

Element can be specified to run through any horizontal rail or through the leg into the floor for a concealed fitting.

Cover shrouds designed specific to towel warmer model are available in custom dimensions and finish to cover element cable.