These luxury kitchen splashback ideas introduce colour, pattern and luxurious materials to make a kitchen splashback everything it should be.

Your photo albums are probably already full of nice kitchen splashback ideas – there are thousands to choose from, but we’ve looked through them all to find those kitchen splashback ideas that won’t just be practical but also a feast for the eyes. We’ve searched from marble to glass tiles and mosaics and everything in-between and collated the most luxurious tiles (possibly ever!)

Ludlow Black

First to kick off the most luxurious kitchen splashback ideas is this beautiful mosaic called Stella by Mosaique Surface. Now our avid readers will know we’re huge fans of Mosaique Surface not just for there luxurious aesthetics and the fact they could possibly produce the best mosaics in the world but because of there range and ambition to push the boundaries of tiles and mosaics further every time, and Stella is no exception.

Stella tiles use Brass inlays with mixed materials of Marble and Terrazzo in two standard colour-ways but available in thousands of custom options making each mosaic seriously unique. The best option though is the availability of different metal finishes – I mean seriously if this isn’t luxurious tiles, then i don’t know what is. Easy to clean and able to be used on floors and walls, these tiles are a serious contender for kitchen splashbacks and feature walls.

It’s 2019 and we’ve opened our hearts back up to Terrazzo, introducing the Dimensione kitchen splashback idea. Using honed Terrazzo, polished Marble and Brushed Brass these tiles create a beautifully modern kitchen splashback with a simple pattern and slight hints of metal – perfectly catching and directing the eyes. 

“walk through the Garden District on a Sunday afternoon and savour some of worlds best-preserved historic mansions. All beautifully adorned with a multitude of flowers and gardens, enough to beautify any home, old or new” Is what Mosaique Surface say about there luxurious tiles – the Hydrangea used in this kitchen splashback

Josephine Tiles are my personal favourite, i find the black and white reminds me of a classic London feel whist the design and style just feels so luxury but not over the top, shouting in your face. These designer tiles are the perfect addition to any kitchen splashback, wall or floor. 

This is a bold statement, but of all the kitchen splashback ideas, this could possibly be the most luxurious. Using mirrored stainless steel with Calacatta Ora marble, is a standout from any of kitchen splashback available. We all know how good a mirrored kitchen splashback is and how good a marble kitchen splashback is, but what about when you combine the two? – The best of both worlds – marble and mirror! And metal!! 

Theres a lot of kitchen splashback ideas out there, make sure you choose one that will protect the wall and be aesthetically pleasing for years to come. It’s a big choice and it can change the whole feel of the kitchen. A good kitchen splashback can even become a kitchen feature wall and remember its something you’ll possibly be looking at for years to come.