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Fairfax 2 Leg Under Mount Bathroom Sink

This basin stand is perfect for guest or ensuite bathrooms adding luxury to any size bathroom, using a luxury under mounted basin which beautiful compliments the marble top slab.




The Fairfax 2 leg under mount bathroom sink brings a timeless classic style to any bathroom. Accommodating a single under mount basin but being large enough for a marble slab, it brings the best of both.

Using a semi recessed basin, the Fairfax under mount basin has a under mount bathroom sink which has a lip to sit on top of the marble slab, aesthetically contrasting the ceramic glazed under mount basin with the marble slab.

This under mounted basin stand has an option of 3 shelf configurations; accommodating towels and other bathroom essentials. The 20mm marble shelf slab compliments the marble under mount basin top creating a centrepiece with the natural marble bringing a feel of luxury to any bathroom. While the 10mm toughened glass shelf juxtaposed with the marble top reflects the marble and under mount bathroom sink bringing the practicality of a shelf whilst creating the illusion of being light and open. The metal rack uses fabricated metal rungs to carry on the metal work of the semi recessed basin stand, the metal rungs use half the diameter of the basin stand legs and rails to ensure the stand with rack configuration visually looks proportional and clean.

The semi recessed basin stand uses 1inch (25.4mm) brass tube for the legs, cross rails and wall returns, while the components used are machine turned from sold brass. Skilled artisans using casted ball joints and traditional hard soldering techniques fabricate this semi recessed basin stand for a strong join and visual blend between the tube rails and ball joints.

The Fairfax 2 leg under mount bathroom sink uses ball joints that are hard soldered with its brass tube legs, whilst being grub screwed to its wall returns and cross rails to allow the dimensions (width and depth) to be altered on-site if required, this traditional crafting technique is common among all of our semi recessed basin stands.

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Polished Brass / Chrome, Polished Nickel / Brushed Brass / Brushed Nickel, Bronze Shades / Gold Shades


Stone Shelf, Toughened Glass Shelf, Brass Rung Rack, Heated Rack, None


Ceramic Under-mounted Basin, Gold / Silver and Ceramic Sit On, None

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