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Fairfax 3 Leg Marble Top Washstand

The Fairfax 3 leg marble top washstand is the perfect washstand for ensuite bathrooms with a double basin for the most luxurious bathrooms, using luxury high quality ceramic basins and marble.




The Fairfax 3 leg marble top washstand is the perfect double basin for any bathroom. Popular in both residential and hospitality use, this double marble wash basin uses 1 inch (25.4mm) hand polished brass tube and solid brass machine detailed components manufactured in the heart of the UK.

The 3 leg marble top washstand features a large slab of marble with a ‘his and hers’ wash basin, the perfect luxury marble washstand offering enough space on the marble top washstand to keep all of the bathroom essentials in one place.

If the one marble top washstand isn’t enough this marble wash basin comes with the option of 3 shelf configurations; an equally large 20mm marble slab which sits on the bottom wall returns creating the most luxury marble washstand on the market. This marble washbasin uses natural marble that is cut by skilled stonecutters using traditional techniques that have been perfected over 30 years. The marble washbasin with shelf offers a level of luxury and practicality that cannot be competed with, offering the absolute maximum amount of space in any marble washstand on the market.

The alternative to the marble washstand shelf is a 10mm toughened glass shelf, which slightly reflects the underneath of the marble wash basin but is used to offer the same space and practicality as the marble wash basin with marble shelf. The glass is completely transparent to make the double marble top washstand look light causing the illusion of the bathroom appearing more spacious.

The final configuration type is a metal rack, which uses the same high quality brass tube at a smaller diameter to the marble top washstand to ensure this double marble wash basin doesn’t appear intrusive to any bathroom. The metal rungs carry on the metal work of the marble top wash basin to both offer the practicality of storing all of your bathroom essentials but also the luxurious visual of the brass marble washstand.

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Polished Brass / Chrome, Polished Nickel / Brushed Brass / Brushed Nickel, Bronze Shades / Gold Shades


Stone Shelf, Toughened Glass Shelf, Brass Rung Rack, Heated Rack, None


Ceramic Under-mounted Basin, Gold / Silver and Ceramic Sit On, None

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