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Fairfax 2 Leg Medium Wall Hung Basin

Handcrafted in England with its elegant design, this basin stand is perfect for guest or ensuite bathrooms, complimenting any bathroom with its luxury craftsmanship and practicality.




Skilled artisans and craftsmen craft the Fairfax 2 leg Medium wall hung basin in the heart of England. The wall hung basin stand uses 1inch (25.4mm) brass tube, casted ball joints and turned solid brass components. This wall mounted basin fits into most interior style luxury bathrooms.

This stand-mounted basin is perfect for most size bathrooms, with its ability of using a wall-mounted basin to optimise as much space in the bathroom as possible. The Fairfax 2 leg medium stand mounted basin has the option of a marble slab shelf, metal rack or toughened glass shelf to allow guests or residents to use as much space in the bathroom as possible.

The Fairfax 2 leg medium wall hung basin allows for a wall-hung basin with a top mounted fitting and marble shelf underneath to enjoy the luxury of both a wall hung basin and the aesthetics and practicality of a marble slab shelf.

The Fairfax stand mounted basin stand brings an essence of luxury and beauty to any bathroom, available in a range of finishes, including Polished Chrome and various Bronze shades, this wall mounted basin stand will compliment any bathroom both in the hospitality and residential sector.

The brass tubes and castings are first rough hand polished to remove all discrepancies in the tube and components, before being fabricated for a solid fixture to hold any wall hung basin. The wall mounted basin stand uses adjustable feet and top hats for un-level floors making it perfect for wall hung basins.

This stand-mounted basin is a luxury wall mounted basin stand that becomes the main feature of any bathroom, silently complimenting all other brass work inside the bathroom. The stand-mounted basin is available with a polished ceramic glazed basin for the brass and ceramic to compliment each other perfectly.

The wall mounted basin stand is available with a 10mm toughened glass shelf, 20mm natural marble slab or metal rack

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Polished Brass / Chrome, Polished Nickel / Brushed Brass / Brushed Nickel, Bronze Shades / Gold Shades, Custom Finish


Stone Shelf, Toughened Glass Shelf, Brass Rung Rack, Heated Rack, None


Ceramic Glazed Basin, None

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