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Fairfax 4 Leg Vanity Sink

The Fairfax 4 leg vanity sink is a beautiful vanity sink unit for any bathroom. This freestanding basin stand is perfect for marble or tiled walls requiring no drill holes for mounting to the wall.




The Fairfax 4 leg vanity sink holds a timeless design, making it a popular vanity basin for both residential and hospitality use, featured in many prestigious hotels around the world.

This vanity washbasin is made of 1inch (25.4mm) brass tubes, casted ball joints and machine detailed components. Using traditional crafting techniques finely perfected over 30 years, the Brass casted ball joints are hard soldered on to the vanity basin legs for a solid fix and visual blend between the casted ball joints and brass tube legs.

This vanity sink is freestanding with no need to fix to any returning wall, perfect to go in front of a marble or tiled walls with no need for drilling holes. The Fairfax vanity wash basin holds a marble top with a under mounted basin, the round ceramic vanity basin is glazed white with a lip which sits on top of the Fairfax vanity wash basin marble top contrasting the quality ceramic with luxury a marble top.

This 4 leg vanity basin is available with 3 shelf configurations – a marble slab shelf, a toughened glass shelf and metal rung rack.

The 20mm marble slab sits on top of the vanity basin bottom cross rails adding to this vanity wash basins luxury and practicality. The Fairfax vanity sink with marble shelf is unparalleled in its simplicity, luxury and beauty to any other 4 leg freestanding vanity basin available.

Alternatively for a lighter and more spacious aesthetic this vanity wash basin is also available with a 10mm glass shelf to meet the practical shelving needs in any bathroom but also offering a luxurious visual, subtly reflecting the underside of the vanity basins and marble top.

The metal rack shelf configuration is made of ½” (12.7mm) brass tube which sits inside the vanity sink cross rails for a clean blend between the metal works. The metal rack further offers the visual beauty and luxury of the brass vanity sink but also practicality of holding all of your bathroom essentials.

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Polished Brass / Chrome, Polished Nickel / Brushed Brass / Brushed Nickel, Bronze Shades / Gold Shades


Stone Shelf, Toughened Glass Shelf, Brass Rung Rack, Heated Rack, None


Ceramic Under-mounted Basin, Gold / Silver and Ceramic Sit On, None

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