Looking for feature wall and floor ideas? We’ve looked through and curated the best, that’ll give your bedroom or living room the feature wall and floor it deserves. Living room feature walls and floors have become so important much of the living room is designed around the feature. Bedrooms again have slowly built up the trend of using tiles and mosaics to create feature walls, floors and foyers. 

First feature floors we’d love to introduce you to, which looks great as a bedroom or living room feature wall also is the Triagolo 02. These tiles are a perfect match for heels, using inlays of Brass and Terrazzo stone you’ll find your guests (or yourself) can’ stop looking at these tiles. The Brushed Brass can be kept looking sharp or clean or generate an aged patina in use to age along with all the other brass hardware in the room, its your choice.

The patterns are really something to behold and the Gold Brass aesthetics with the Terrazzo stone really makes it a strong feature bedroom floor or feature living room wall.

Secondly let me introduce you to this lovely lady and the Rio Petite tiles she stands on, we’ve included this to show you sometimes a feature wall is actually a floor, think hotel halls and foyers. We love how soft these colours are and the beautiful pattern which make for a soft and light feature living room wall (floor) without tiring from it. 

Okay, let me take you back to traditional, with a luxury twist of course. The serenity feature living room wall standing over a fire place is made of marble with inlays of Brass, we said luxury twist didn’t we. The Brass can be finished in many different metal finishes, creating a truly unique and jaw dropping feature wall for any living room. 

Hello again lovely lady. Complimenting this beautiful lady is the Zurich Petite mosaic feature living room wall. We love this image as it shows how strong but also complimenting the right feature wall can be to the home and all around. Almost like a beautiful painting this luxury living room feature wall includes Brass inlays and marble stone, creating a feature which will last life times and looking as new as the day it was installed. 

Geo Petite is another feature wall which is composed of luxury materials, although this time it uses gold glass also! Using Terrazzo stone, Gold Glass and Brass, Geo Petite makes a feature wall which you can’t take your eyes off. Again great for bedroom feature walls or floors and living room feature walls or foyer feature floors, these luxury mosaics are so versatile and show stopping they can be used almost anywhere and have a strong effect. Available in a range of different coloured Terrazzo stones, Geo Petite has a version for any home. 

Feature walls and floors are so important to the design of every home today. Let us know which was your favourite?