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Modernwood Towel Warmer – Towel Rail Radiator

With its elegant proportions and understated style, this towel rail is a practical yet luxurious addition to any bathroom. Using both its horizontal and vertical rails this towel warmer deceivingly holds more garments than its appearance would perceive. Keep warm towels and garments close to hand with this beautiful towel warmer.




The Modernwood towel rail radiator is manufactured using 1 ¼” Brass tube and stamp casted ball joints and wall mounts. It is a popular towel rail radiator for large bathrooms, dressing rooms and for being situated above a bathtub or next to a shower.

It has been specifically configured to be used as a wall mounted towel rail radiator, which uses both its height and depth to increase the number of garments and towel it is able to warm. Both the depth and the height and number of rails on each are able to changed, providing good flexibility to adapt this towel rail radiator to any situation or environment.

Artisans and chemists hand craft this towel rail radiator with accuracy; using machinists to cut the tube to precision and skilled fabricators to hard solder the joints and tubes, the tubes and joints are them individually polished and before being hard soldered to create a filleted edge around the joints and tube for a beautiful flowing transition between the joint and tube.

The Modernwood towel warmer radiator is unique in its design, using both its depth and height to supply heated rails, making it a perfect towel rail radiator for being position above a bath tub or next to a shower to keep warm garments and towels nearby when most needed.

The Modernwood heated towel rail radiator is available in both the classic hot water and dual fuel option, but also in dry electric, using Opus’s dry line electric cable, which is a heated element that goes through every rail to heat the rails, this is a completely dry system which requires no water or oil.

This towel warmer radiator is available in a range of finishes, including Polished Optic Gold and Un-lacquered Brass. The Modernwood towel warmer radiator can also be finish matched to other manufacturer finishes, including Axor Hansgrohe Brushed Bronze and Samuel Heaths Country Bronze.

Additional information


Electric, Dual Fuel, Hot Water


Polished Chrome, Unlacquered Brass, Polished Nickel, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, Custom Finish


975 x 550 x 475, Custom Size

Technical Information


  • Wall Mounted
  • 32mm round section tube with 82mm diameter wall fixing flanges
  • Classic Ball Joints
  • Bespoke dimensions – height, width, depth and number of rails available.
  • Low energy electric. Suits 12v, 24v, 110V (US), 220/230v (UK and Europe)
  • Hidden cable, which exits through the mounting flange. You can select which one it exits (standard bottom right).
  • Cable length can be specified (standard 5 metre)
  • Hot water option and dual fuel option


Available in Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Polished Copper, Polished Brass, Rose Gold and Antique Gold

This high quality brass radiator can be polished to maintain its original sheen or left to tarnish naturally and assume a characterful deep patina with age.

Heating Options

Electric Dual Fuel Central Heating
Functionality Invisible electrical cable heats the entire towel rail, with no water component (a ‘dry’ system) Water filled pipes that can be heated using your central heating system, or by an electric heating element Hot water flows from your existing heating system through the valves and into the pipework
Control Dimmer Switch Central heating system plus an electric programmer (not included) Central heating system programmer
Installation Requirements Hidden supply cable fitted by an electrician Central heating system fitted by plumber, with additional electric components requiring an electrician Fitted by a plumber into your existing heating system
Maintenance No maintenance required System requires periodic venting and regular checks of electric cable, valves and flow balance System requires periodic venting and regular checks of valves and flow balance
Mandatory Additional Components None Dual Fuel Heating Element
Water Valves
Water Valves
Optional Additional Components Dimmer Switch Pipe Cover & Flange
Electric Shroud Cover
Pipe Cover & Flange
10 Years 5 Years 5 Years